First introduced in print back in March 1941, Captain America has spent decades as one of the premiere heroes of the Marvel Comics universe and evolved a great deal in that time. From his origins as a propaganda-esque character back during World War II to his reintroduction as a hero lost out of time due to being frozen in a block of ice, Cap has one of the most complex backstories in the history of the medium, and as a result can be a challenge to get into for new fans. But that’s where the latest episode of Hero Blend comes in.

Because today happens to be the day that I could finally tell you about my time on the set of the upcoming Marvel Studios film Captain America: The Winter Soldier, I have recorded a very special episode this week. I invited Creative Director and self-professed comic book newbie Mack Rawden to join me for Hero Blend #7 and a segment I like to call “Mack Asks,” where Mack has the opportunity to ask me any burning questions he has about Marvel’s most patriotic hero. How did they shrink down Chris Evans in the first Captain America movie? Is Cap really a match for Thor? What’s his romantic future and past with Peggy Carter? Watch to find out answers to all those questions and more!

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