We knew (Untitled) was going to be an unusual movie based on the title and the trailer but now there’s a clip from the movie to really prove it. From the background music to the strange artwork the characters create, the movie is certainly on the strange side and might not be for everyone.

The film is directed by Jonathon Parker who also co-wrote the screenplay with Catherine DiNapoli. It features Adam Goldberg as Adrian Jacobs, a composer whose music is extremely unconventional. Adrian finds beauty within the sounds of paper crumpling and bucket kicking, but others find the medium difficult to accept, hence the very small turnouts at his performances. On the other hand, Adrian’s brother Josh (Eion Bailey) has hit it big as a successful painter adored by corporate clients willing to pay hefty fees for his work. Adrian gets his own taste of success when he meets Madeleine (Marley Shelton) at one of his shows. Not only does she fall for him but for his work too. The two enjoy a passionate affair and Madeleine introduces him to art collectors and artists with an affinity for atypical art.

Watch the first trailer for (Untitled) below:

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