Batman hush
Issues Covered: Batman #608-#619.

Storyline: Batman is menaced by a villain with ties to his past who ultimately seeks revenge for a slight long-ago. While the concept is slim, it involves several different colorful avenues to pursue, including a romance with Catwoman, a plot by the Riddler to discover Batman's identity, and a memorable villain in Hush, who hides his identity behind elaborate bandages in a way that actually recalls Darkman.

This would also be a chance to delve into Batman's childhood in a way that hasn't seen before, calling into question the lives of Thomas and Martha Wayne as they contributed to the building of Gotham. The actions of the parent directly affecting the child is something we've seen in the recent Spider-Man movies, but they were unable to centralize a real message behind that idea. Here, you can trace the lineage of the Waynes' kindness - Thomas took care of the villain known as Hush years ago in a way that informed his character - as well as the indirect repercussions. Hush is a dense character, and this would give Affleck and the other actors in the film some heavy material to chew on.

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