Batman Azrael
Issues Covered: Knighquest ran through 21 (!) separate titles from October 1993 to June 1994. Knightsend ran shorter, encompassing thirteen titles from July to August 1994.

Storyline: Batman seeks a replacement for the mantle of Batman after a debilitating injury, discovering the intense and violent Azrael. He trains the protege, but when the young avenger becomes a danger to those around him, Batman has to defeat the rogue hero. These stories took off from Knightfall, where Bane famously broke Batman's back - though that was already adapted in The Dark Knight Rises. It should be no problem to have Ben Affleck's Batman felled by a similarly catastrophic injury, only to take down a younger pretender to the throne, and this movie would have the promise of having two Batmen brawling it up.

Several fans were critical of the obviously-cynical decision to sideline Batman when these comics came out, replacing him with a "hip" and "edgy" version, but the newer version of the character won a small group of fans over. This Batman was lethal and efficient, and he took down Bane with ease before cleaning up the streets of Gotham. The character of Azrael ultimately had a boatload of other issues, but in the cape and the cowl he helped create a unique interpretation of Batman. To see that onscreen, and to see the older Batman assert himself as superior, is something that will prompt cheering in a future feature.

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