6. The Avengers | The Unbroken Shot
In a year filled with comic-book heroics, Joss Whedon’s The Avengers stands head-and-costumed-shoulders above the fray. Singling out one scene from the jam-packed Avengers is a fool’s errand. Whedon and his creative team assemble a veritable “Greatest Hits” of action scenes to keep the second half of The Avengers humming. Forced to name one sequence for this list, though, we’d have to go with the expertly choreographed unbroken shot that shows each team member in action as they fend off alien invaders in New York City. Structured like a video-game sequence, it starts with Iron Man teaming with Cap to eliminate marauders, and concludes with the Hulk-Thor punch that got a laugh every time I managed to see the movie with a crowd.

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