#5: Jennifer Lawrence's trip, and the men who came to her rescue.
It's not fun to watch a young woman trip on live TV, especially when she's just won the highest honor in her field and is on her way to give an acceptance speech. But Lawrence, continuing to prove her endless cool, recovered from the trip with a flushed smile and a great speech-- and had the added bonus of both Hugh Jackman and Bradley Cooper attempting to help her up when she fell. The fact that she didn't need their help just gives her extra cool-gal points.

#6: Ben Affleck's emotional speech.
In a different universe, one in which the Best Director category didn't turn out totally crazy, we probably would have seen Ben Affleck speaking when he accepted Best Director and handed over the mic to producer Grant Heslov. Instead Affleck's only moment came when Argo won Best Picture, and his genuine emotion at the honor-- and how far he's come since that memorable Good Will Hunting win 15 years ago-- was well worth the wait.

#7: Ang Lee's general everything.
But don't go thinking that Affleck managed to outshine the director who actually did take home that big directing prize. The ever-amiable Ang Lee won a much-deserved Best Director statue for Life of Pi, a capstone for four years he spent making the hugely expensive film that the studio didn't want to pour nearly enough money into. It's Lee's second Best Director prize, the second to come without a corresponding Best Picture win (the first being Brokeback Mountain), and bizarrely, the second time the Best Picture he didn't get was awarded by Jack Nicholson. But to watch Lee, he didn't notice any of it-- and you'd think he was a dazed first-time winner instead of an industry veteran. People with crazy confidence like Anne Hathaway make the Oscars fun to watch, but Lee's consistent humility is an excellent addition as well.

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