"Let It Go" by Idina Menzel
Disney’s Frozen offered a number of memorable musical moments, among which was Josh Gad’s snowman character Olaf hilariously and obliviously daydreaming about how great it’ll be to do "whatever snow does in summer," and a group of trolls enthusiastically singing about accepting people’s flaws with "Fixer Upper," but no song was quite as powerful and moving as Elsa’s "Let it Go," the song she sings as she abandons the castle and her newly acquired crown in favor of being free to use her frosty super powers whenever and however she wants.

In addition to sufficiently making up for the Idina Menzel sung song we were so unfortunately denied in Disney's Enchanted, "Let it Go" is also an outstanding demonstration the Broadway star’s powerful vocals in a tune that emphasizes her character’s frustration, which set a course for her to become an unintentional almost-villain — or at the very least, a misunderstood woman with powers not entirely within her control. The "Let it Go" sequence is thrilling and moving, and both audibly and visually stunning all at once. Watching Elsa belt out her song while shedding her gloves and building herself a beautiful ice castle in the mountains, we’re torn between feeling happy for her, for being free to finally be herself and embrace the things that make her special, and sad for her for having no place else to do that but near the top of a mountain, all by herself. (by Kelly West)

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