Sentinels look like this!
This is what we have been waiting for even since the X-Men made it to the big screen back in 2001. The Sentinels – skyscraper-sized mutant-hunting robots – creating chaos on screen. Sure, Brett Ratner flirted with the idea of a Sentinal in a Danger Room sequence in The Last Stand. But casting Peter Dinklage as Bolivar Trask in Days means we are getting full-blown Sentinel action, and the Empire covers gave us the first great look at the villainous creations.

Above, we see what the Sentinels will look like in the 1970s, when the First Class ‘kids" deal with their emergence. But Empire surprised us with a future glimpse at what the Sentinels evolve to become, and it’s THIS version (pictured below) that I believe Wolverine will venture back to the ‘70s to prevent. In this form, I’m guessing the mutants are no match for the Sentinels, and Wolvie will be ordered to stop the program before things get as bad as they have become.

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