Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman – August 5, 2016
Why It Should Be This Movie: For decades, Warner Bros had depended on their most popular characters, Batman and Superman, to anchor their DC Comics films, with a couple of disastrous forays into other lesser known characters balancing out their somewhat consistent (if not limited) efforts. Wonder Woman, however, is a perfect combination of both strategies, as she's a top tier member of the Justice League who's never had the chance to shine on her own in a motion picture. Batman doesn't need introduction and Superman has just been re-introduced in a more modern context. It's time to complete the DC Trinity by giving Princess Diana of Themyscira her due.

What Plot It Might Follow: After the events of Batman v. Superman: Dawn Of Justice, Princess Diana of Themyscira adopts the identity Diana Prince and starts to study human behavior. Throughout her journey, we get to know her homeland and the ways of her people (the Amazonians) through relevant flashbacks. Of course, it isn't long before her people try to convince her to come home, and along for the ride will be none other than Steve Trevor – the man assigned to keep tabs on her by the US government. After some close calls, and a battle of epic proportions, Wonder Woman is reluctantly allowed to exist in both worlds. For now.

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