Joe Cornish
Why It Might Happen: Cornish has been flirting with the blockbuster field since his rowdy debut, the sensationally entertaining Attack The Block. Since then, he’s been linked to the director’s chair for sequels to Die Hard, Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes, and, for a hot minute, Star Trek 3. He’s also an in-house option: Cornish has reportedly been writing Ant-Man with Edgar Wright since 2006.

Why It Might Not: Cornish has been very outspoken about his reluctance to jump onto a studio picture, and we can imagine him facing a heavy intimidation level in assembling a major effects blockbuster. He’d be affordable, but would his heart be in it?

Panos Cosmatos
Why It Might Happen: Cosmatos is maybe the cheapest option on this list, given that he’s only done the low budget sci-fi chiller Beyond The Black Rainbow. Any five minutes of that audacious debut would be trippier than the entirely of all the Marvel films combined, but Doctor Strange would require a commitment to, at some points, vex, confuse and startle the view. Cosmatos already proved he could handle it.

Why it Might Not: He’s still only got one movie under his belt, and for those that love Beyond The Black Rainbow, they’d have to acknowledge that there’s not much coherent visual language on display. This is ultimately going to be a PG-13 broad-appeal blockbuster, and Cosmatos might be a little too edgy for the part.

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