Keanu Reeves
Why It Might Happen: Reeves actually acquitted himself quite well behind the camera for Man Of Tai Chi, a martial arts throwback that featured clear, concise, straightforward storytelling and action sequences. When reshoots for the troubled mega-budget blockbuster 47 Ronin were held, Universal requested it be Keanu behind the camera. Reeves is a sincere guy who takes genre filmmaking seriously, and you’re not likely to find another director with a more dedicated attachment to the mystical elements of the Strange character. Plus, he’s acted once or twice.

Why It Might Not Happen: Reeves would probably want to play the lead as well, which wouldn’t be terrible considering the somber nature of the character. But Reeves is getting older, and his box office clout is diminishing: there’s also the suspicion that the guy just wouldn’t look that great with Strange’s pencil mustache.

Rupert Sanders
Why It Might Happen: Sanders impressed executives with the engaging fantasy visuals of Snow White And The Huntsman, suggesting he’d be a savvy choice to bring to life the mysticism and magic of the Doctor Strange story. He’s also young and inexperienced enough that they could sign him cheaply to multiple movies, a plus considering the heavy turnover for directors on Marvel movies thus far.

Why It Might Not Happen: Snow White kind of blew, and most around the industry consider the bad buzz from Sanders’ extramarital affairs to overshadow the middling profit made by the expensive tentpole. He’s the type of guy a studio might pursue, but Marvel tends to make wiser, more informed choices.

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