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2. The Run Time Looks To Be Close To Two Hours
Not every question was a hard hitting, or hysterical, home run – but we did manage to get some crucial details about the film. When a rather detail minded fan asked about the running length of the film, Gunn replied with a very cut and dry answer:
James Gunn: The movie is very very close to final. We're around two hours long.

Most movies can keep editing until later in the process than the point we're at now, but knowing the machine Marvel is running (and knowing how exacting James Gunn is with his films), it's no surprise we're almost at the point of a final picture lock. Between the 3D conversion process and the test/preview screenings the studio will want to run, the finished product will need to be up and running at a fairly advanced interval than the film's August 1st premiere. It's also good to know that not every Marvel film has to be two and a half hours in length. Not that they've overstayed their welcome yet, but letting filmmakers know it's OK to bring in an uncompromising, briskly-paced length of a film is always a good thing.

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