I Love Lamp
"I love lamp."
Crafting a character as utterly dumb as Brick Tamland is definitely a tightrope walk, as you constantly run the risk of making the character just be stupid instead of funny, but Steve Carell stole the show every time he was on screen in the first Anchorman. His IQ is so low that you occasionally worry that he may forget to keep breathing, but there is real passion within him, as evidenced by this classic line about adoration for an inanimate object.

60 Percent of the time it works every time
"They've done studies, you know. 60% of the time, it works every time."
Oh, Brian Fantana. You have nice hair, a cool moustache, you seem to be pretty smooth with the ladies, and you have a pretty kick ass job. But when it comes to the subject of math and fragrance selection, well… let’s just focus on the positive sides of his personality.

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