"You know I don’t follow the NBA!"
The Anchorman movie is extremely racist. Not in an angry, mean-spirited way. But Ron Burgundy has a beautiful, black boss (Meagan Good) at GNN, the 24-hour news channel he agrees to work at, and the scenario has this lily-white teleprompter reader more than a little uncomfortable. You can pull quotes from the awkward dinner-table scene (featured in the trailer), of course, but this response, when Burgundy confuses Julius Caesar with Dr. J predicts the waves of painful racism McKay dares to weave through his comedy.

Confronted with his African-American supervisor for the first time, Burgundy can only repeat the word, "Black." He realizes how ridiculously insensitive he sounds. He actually apologizes, which is something Ron Burgundy rarely does. And then he proceeds to say "Black" a few more times, exaggerating every beat in this one-syllable word. It gets funnier every time.

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