What Happened To Doctor Samuel Sterns?
The one movie in the Marvel Studios canon with the most loose ends has to be The Incredible Hulk, given that it was not a tremendous success in theaters and that there hasn't been a follow-up since. That film, which may or may not have wiped 2003's Hulk from continuity (I vote no!), introduced several plot strands that were never picked up. A credits stinger involving Tony Stark calling on General Ross (William Hurt) to recruit the Hulk for the Avengers also turned out to be a red herring, as Marvel later used a One Shot short film to establish that Stark was recruiting the Abomination (Tim Roth), a tactic made to purposely fail so that the Abomination would stay behind bars.

The most notoriously ignored development from the film, however, has to be what happened to Bruce Banner's friendly gamma-obsessed friend, Dr. Sterns (Tim Blake Nelson). During the final battle, Sterns' head is splashed with chemicals and it begins to pulsate as he smiles. As fans know, this is meant to be the birth of a supervillain. Sterns is the alter-ego of The Leader, a longtime Hulk villain in the comics. Nelson was reportedly signed on to do a sequel, but one of most Marvel's iconic bad guys was still seen lying on the floor of a destroyed lab in Harlem. He's not the only character who got a splash of gamma radiation in that film: a throwaway guard played by Stan Lee drank a soda with a drop of gamma material that apparently caused a situation offscreen. Maybe it caused him to multiply into various Stan Lee-looking characters all across the Marvel universe...

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