Remember how I said there were two movies I saw in 2012 that caused me to leave the theater in a bit of a rage? We’ve officially reached the second title. While it’s been a good number of years since Oliver Stone made a truly great movie, from the outside Savages looked like a throwback to his titles from the 1990s, hitting audiences with a good bit of chaos and drug-fueled insanity, but the actual final cut is a breath-taking disaster. Blake Lively, who showed some decent skills in Ben Affleck’s The Town, is monotonous dead weight for her entire performance – which would have been fine if she wasn’t narrating the entire goddamn movie. The story takes forever to get going, the stakes are minimal because you don’t care about the characters, and the movie’s ending is so jaw-droppingly, mind-numbingly horrible that it actually led me to let out a verbal, “What the fuck?” while sitting in the cinema. It can’t be said for all the films on this list, but Savages isn’t just one of the most disappointing movies of the year, it’s easily one of the worst.

John Carter
In its advertising John Carter reminded audiences that it was based on material that inspired legendary science-fiction films like Star Wars and Avatar. But not only did the film fail to live up to those titles in terms of box office receipts – famously losing the studio $200 million – it also simply failed to live up to its predecessors in terms of scale and scope. While I liked the movie a lot more than most of my colleagues, including our own Sean O’Connell, it’s hard to deny that the finished product didn’t live up to its promise. Taylor Kitsch made for an uncharismatic lead, making it hard for audiences to really connect with his character and the world was so overstuffed with CGI that the story became too distant. It’s actually a shame that John Carter will never get a sequel because there is real potential in the property, but the first one didn’t fully capitalize on it.

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