Move over, Henry Cavill. When Lord and Miller needed an actor to lend his voice to the Man of Steel, they chose none other than… Magic Mike? Sure, Channing Tatum probably ranks as a superhero in the eyes of several female readers. But there’s a deeper connection going on with this casting. Tatum, of course, plays Jenko in both Jump Street movies, which were directed by LEGO helmers Lord and Miller. So this team is quickly becoming the Scorsese-DeNiro of absurd-humor movies. It also helps explain our next voice casting.

Green Lantern
There’s a funny "bromance" undercutting the scenes between Superman and Green Lantern in The LEGO Movie, which will make more sense once you realize that Lantern, in this film, is played by Jonah Hill. Yes, Tatum’s Jump Street partner also tries to be Superman’s bestie on screen here. And if these jokes are your cup of tea, you might as well get in line for 22 Jump Street, which has Hill and Tatum heading to college for more crime-fighting shenanigans.

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