Fans of Steven Spielberg’s Jaws are likely very familiar with the name "Bruce" in the context of the film. It’s not the name of any of the actors, characters, or cast members, but rather the name given to the three different mechanical sharks used on set. But why would anyone know the name of a mechanical shark, you ask? Because the fake sea creatures were so infamously bad at working that they actually wound up making the movie better.

Issues with Bruce wound up costing the production a tremendous amount of money and time, and Jaws was also very much hampered by the natural issues of filming on the island of Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts instead of just a sound stage. What’s amazing, however, is that all of these problems wound up working in the film’s favor: the less we see of the shark, the more terrifying he is, and the whole thing looks just that much more authentic because it was all shot on location. Of course, we now think of it as one of the greatest blockbusters ever made.

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