danny trejo jermaine clement
Danny Trejo and Jemaine Clement
Who They Play: Never to be separated, Clement plays the aptly-named Prison King, the mustached Russian head of the jail gang where Kermit is being held, while Trejo plays none other than Danny Trejo, one of Clement’s subordinates. (Ray Liotta plays Big Papa, the King's other underling, but is vastly underused despite one spectacular scene.) Trejo’s name reveal is a laugher, as is his singing voice, but it’s Clement’s accent that truly steals the entire show during his deep-throated performance of the classic track "Working in the Coal Mine," as well as most of his line readings.

How Do We Know Them: If you don’t know Danny Trejo from the balls-out crazy Machete films of Robert Rodriquez, maybe you know him from one of the other 275+ projects he’s starred in over his 30-year career, including the currently airing FX sitcom Saint George with George Lopez. (He currently has no less than 20 films that have been completed for future release.) A New Zealand music master, Clement broke out in Taika Waititi’s indie comedy Eagle vs Shark and the cult HBO musical comedy Flight of the Conchords, which he starred in with the Muppets films’ Oscar-winning music supervisor Bret McKenzie. He'll be heard soon in the upcoming sequel Rio 2.

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