Mr. Sinister
Who Is He? Nineteenth century geneticist Nathaniel Essex was hated by peers and feared by his family for his disturbing experiments on humans, and his belief in mutation as a form of evolution that could be enhanced and weaponized. With his philosophies aligning with the mutant demigod Apocalypse, he was given superior abilities in exchange for serving the wold-be ruler of the mutant race.

Where Would He Fit? With the coming of X-Men: Apocalypse comes the chance to feature one of the character's most well-known associates. Sinister also always took a great interest in the Summers' family: if you want a way to bring back Cyclops, who died in X-Men: The Last Stand, Sinister is the character who establishes that Scott Summers and Jean Grey are the focal points in the next step in mutant evolution. We consider Sinister's ridiculous cheekbones and come to only one conclusion: it must be James Franco.

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