The Hunchback Of Notre Dame’s "God Help The Outcasts"
A lot of Disney movies are about fitting in. They’re about finding your place and achieving contentment, whether it’s as a video game villain or a princess. As such, "God Help The Outcasts" is sort of like a call to arm for all of those characters over the years. Apart from the heavy religious symbolism, it would easily fit into well over half of the studio’s films. To some, that might mean it’s more generic, but to me, I would say it’s more a sign of just how spot-on the message is here.

Like some of the other songs on this list, "God Help The Outcasts" suffers a little bit because people aren’t that on board with its larger movie, but this song means too much to too many people to ever completely go away. It’s beautiful, and it’s one of Disney’s best ever.

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