Once again, the festival programmers at South By Southwest have stacked their schedule with a feast for the eyes and ears. The latest crop of announced SXSW titles ensures that anyone who ventures to Austin, Texas for the annual event will be able to catch up on buzzy Sundance titles and stay ahead of the curve on new offerings from Wes Anderson, Jon Favreau, Nicholas Stoller and many more.

Gabe broke down the initial blast of titles that are part of SXSW 2014, so click here to scan his cursory news story. But since I’ll be on the ground in Texas covering the daily happenings in Austin, I wanted to dig through the immense line-up with both hands and highlight the 10 movies screening at South By this year that you should care about. These are movies that we think have enormous breakout potential, and hopefully will be coming to a theater near you shortly after their SXSW screenings. Maybe we’ll find the next Cabin the Woods, which ended up being my No. 1 movie from 2012.

So, here are the 10 SXSW 2014 movies you should care about:

The Grand Budapest Hotel
Not quite an "early" screening for Wes Anderson’s latest – the movie’s due in select theaters on March 7 – but the SXSW screening of Grand Budapest stands out because Anderson is scheduled to attend and conduct what is being called an "Extended Q-and-A" on behalf of the quirky comedy.

Released by Fox Searchlight, Hotel introduces Ralph Fiennes into Anderson’s growing ensemble, casting him as the manager of an eccentric European residence that becomes the center of a criminal investigation. A parade of Anderson regulars are expected to keep the kitsch in check, from Bill Murray and Owen Wilson to the great Tilda Swinton. The trailers positively drip with "Wes," and you know the SXSW crowd will eat up the director’s newest offering. This screening will be a red-hot ticket.

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