What Is It? One of Marvel’s great evil organizations, A.I.M. – or Advanced Idea Mechanics – was first created as a think tank of evil geniuses who design technology in an attempt to over throw the world’s governments. It’s very much the opposite of S.H.I.E.L.D., the government organization run by Nick Fury.

How Does It Fit? A.I.M. as comic fans know it actually gets a bit of a tweak for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In Iron Man 3 it’s rebranded as a tech company – no longer just an evil organization – founded by the aforementioned Aldrich Killian (Guy Pearce). But can you really trust a company with such a sinister comic book background?

Maya Hansen
Who Is She? Like Aldrich Killian, Maya Hansen was first introduced in the “Extremis” comic arc. Unlike Aldrich, however, Maya actually makes it all the way through the story. In her first appearance she is credited as the co-creator of Extremis along with Aldrich. She then winds up working with Tony Stark to try and recover the sample that her partner illegally sells.

How Does She Fit? Maya, played by Rebecca Hall, is a new character to the franchise, and arrives as part of the Extremis plot. As you probably could have guessed, the film version is similar to what’s on the page. The character is first introduced through flashback being picked up by Tony Stark at a party, where it’s revealed that she has invented a very early version of the serum.

What Is It? The Marvel universe is filled to the brim with nefarious organizations, and Roxxon certainly qualifies. The company is an energy corporation and the world’s largest conglomerate known for not letting ethics get in the way of profit. Due to its size and the problems it creates, it gets plenty of superhero attention.

How Does It Fit? As you can see in the still above, taken from the first Iron Man movie, Roxxon has actually had a presence in the Marvel Cinematic Universe from the very beginning. The company plays a bigger role in Iron Man 3, albeit not a crucial one, but it’s fun to let non-comic book fans in on the reference and understand that this is just another piece of the gigantic world.


Ho Yinsen
Who Is He? When Tony Stark was kidnapped by terrorists in Afghanistan and forced to build a missile, his fellow prisoner and assistant was a man named Ho Yinsen. Together Tony and Yinsen built the first ever Iron Man suit, which allowed Tony to escape captivity. Yinsen, however, was not so lucky.

How Does He Fit? In the first Iron Man, Yinsen (played by Shaun Toub) tells Tony that they had actually met once before at a party – but that Tony was probably too drunk to remember him. This turns out to be very true, as Iron Man 3 opens on that very party.

Bruce Banner
Who Is He? Bruce Banner was a government scientist working in the field of gamma radiation when a secret test went horribly wrong and resulted in Banner being turned into a giant, rage-fueled green monster with inconceivable strength and invulnerability. Not wanting to be turned into a lab rat by the government, Banner went on the run trying to find a way to cure himself of the evil beast within him. The Hulk is triggered by rising blood pressure, meaning that you really don’t ever want to see Bruce Banner when he gets angry.

How Does He Fit? Bruce and Tony struck up quite a friendship during their time fighting together with The Avengers, with each of them appreciating the other’s intellect and the latter being fascinated by the former’s enormous green rage monster condition. At the end of Joss Whedon’s movie the duo is seen driving away together in Tony’s car. Apparently their friendship has taken an interesting professional turn in the time since.

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