Phil Lord & Chris Miller
Why? Lord and Miller are very clearly the go-to guys for action-comedy, having helmed 21 Jump Street and 22 Jump Street. The duo have a background in animation, which should also help with the film's likely extensive visual effects work. However, it was reported that they skipped out on a chance to direct Ghostbusters 3: if that rumor is true, why would they take a meeting with Marvel?

Joe Dante
Why? Dante used to be the master of onscreen comedic chaos with films like Gremlins and Small Soldiers, manic kids entertainment that never neglected to be inventive, clever or cheeky. He's also the man behind Innerspace, one of the more beloved films about a dude who could shrink down to Ant-Man size. Marvel could get the guy on the cheap, as he's been lost in the TV hinterlands recently, so why not?

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