Loki From Thor/ The Avengers
You know that kid in sixth grade who never seems to be in an average mood? That’s Loki. At any given time, he’s either laughing or brooding or staring someone down with a mean mug that could force mere mortals into long periods of Odinsleep. Just one time, I would like to see him go with the flow and react with the correct amount of emotion to a situation. Just once, I’d like to see him say, "Ahhh, no big deal." Unfortunately, I’m not sure that will ever happen; so, if I were you, I’d make sure not to cut him off in traffic and/ or show up at any parties with outfits he could have also chosen to wear.

Mavis Gary From Young Adult
You see this mean mug from Mavis Gary? It’s not even over anything important. She got caught in a stupid lie about a dog. Ordinary run of the mill bitches wouldn’t feel the need to crank their facial aggression up to an eleven over something so stupid, but that’s just Mavis’ immediate go-to in any situation. You got there just in front of her in the Macy’s line? That face. You stole her parking spot? That face. You stole the man of her dreams? That face for just a little bit longer. There is no slight too small for this young adult to use her judgmental eyes in response to.

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