Dinner for Schmucks will doubtlessly be the weirdest comedy of the summer, but it's still up for debate as to whether or not it will actually be the funniest one. The early trailers have looked bizarre but not all that promising, and it still feels like a movie starring Steve Carell and Paul Rudd should feel more exciting-- or at least less like it's trying too hard.

As they continue to try and convince us, Paramount has released a slew of new images from the film, which show off even more of the freak shows who show up at this very bizarre dinner party. The story finds Paul Rudd forced to bring a weirdo to dinner in order to impress his boss, and while his choice of Carell's character seems like a winner-- the guy makes art with dead mice!-- some true crazy people show up at this dinner. CHeck out the guy with a beard like a nest of snakes, the ventriloquist dummy, and whatever Jemaine Clement's character is up to, all in our full image gallery. Click on any of the three images below to get started and immerse yourself in the Schmucks.

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