Whether or not his feral and mystifying performance in The Master winds up landing him an Oscar nomination, Joaquin Phoenix has very much re-established himself as one of the most talented actors working-- which means that whatever he does next is going to be a must-see. Add in the fact that his next film pairs him with director Spike Jonze, and it's rocketed to the top of our personal lists for 2013. In the film officially titled The Untitled Spike Jonze Project, but rumored to be called Her, Phoenix plays a writer who buys a computer program to help him work… only to fall for the operating system herself.

We don't know who will be voicing the beloved computer, but Amy Adams, Samantha Morton, Olivia Wilde and Rooney Mara all round out the cast, so there are plenty of good options. Her will be Jonze's first film since Where The Wild Things Are, and sounds like a return to the kind of brain-twisting, out-there collaborations with Charlie Kaufman that made him famous. With funding from Annapurna Pictures, who made Zero Dark Thirty and The Master possible, Her doesn't yet have a release date-- but with talent like that behind it, we feel confident looking forward to it in 2013.

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