Today's the day! The Academy Awards are finally here, and if you can't tell we're excited, you clearly haven't been paying attention. We've got a huge lineup planned for the evening's festivities, from polls to red carpet coverage to a full minute-by-minute liveblog of the entire event kicking off at 7 pm EST tonight. But while you wait for the show to begin, why not catch up on the year's nominees? Whether you've seen all nine Best Picture nominees or still can't figure out what a beast of the Southern wild even is, now's the perfect time to revisit our coverage of all the biggest films.

We brought you many of these links back when the nominees were first announced, but now we've updated it with everything we've written since-- including arguments for why every single nominated film does or doesn't deserve to win Best Picture. If you want our predictions for who will actually win, click here. Read below and consider yourself an expert once the Oscars start at 8 pm EST tonight. See you then!

Picture, Supporting Actor, Adapted Screenplay, Editing, Original Score, Sound Editing, Sound Mixing
With Argo Ben Affleck not only proves wrong anyone who called him a hack, but also clearly establishes the he is one of the premier directors in Hollywood (even without that pesky Best Director nomination). Based on the true story of exfiltration during the Iranian hostage crisis, the film is the perfect blend of suspense, suspense, humor, drama and history, along with the kind of poking-fun at Hollywood that the Academy can rarely resist. Having won nearly every precursor award up to this point, Argo is an obvious frontrunner to win Best Picture tonight.
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Thanks to the clout of Academy Award winning films like Schindler’s List and Saving Private Ryan, nobody ignores a historical drama directed by Steven Spielberg, and Lincoln certainly gave people a reason to pay attention. Featuring a breathtaking performance by Daniel Day-Lewis, who already owns two Oscars, as our 16th president, the story of how the 13th amendment came to be is enlightening, beautiful and fascinating to watch, which fully explains its nominations in just about every top category.
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