Silver Linings Playbook
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Featured on three of our five personal top ten lists of 2012, Silver Linings Playbook isn’t just a favorite amongst the crew here at Cinema Blend, it’s one of the most beloved films of 2012. Written and directed by David O. Russell, who delivered big wins for his cast in 2010 with The Fighter, this story of dysfunction, romance and philosophy is an incredible journey and brilliant character study. It’s also made modern Oscar history, becoming the first film to be nominated in all four acting categories since Reds way back in 1981.
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Life of Pi
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Who knew that the story of a boy lost at sea could be so exhilarating? Sure, it helps that the main character is stranded along with a bloodthirsty tiger named Richard Parker, but really it’s Ang Lee’s direction of the stunning Life of Pi that makes the film such a spectacle. The only 3D movie among this year’s crop of Best Picture nominees, the director formulates the technology around his art is splendid fashion, whether it’s the incredible depth during the breathtaking shipwreck or the “before the window” effect when a whale breaches right in front of the lost boy’s boat. Lee took home the Best Director prize in 2006 for Brokeback Mountain; let’s see if he can do even better this year.
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