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Director Michael Haneke is so famous for his brutal and unforgiving films like Funny Games and The White Ribbon that many people assumed the title of this one-- “love”-- was ironic. Instead it’s a bracing, and yes sometimes brutal, portrait of what love really means: marrying someone and staying with them as they die painfully. The movie won the Palme d’Or at Cannes this year and is the lowest-grossing of the Best Picture nominees by far, but it’s also a stirring and even emotional portrait of love and death for those who can deal with its harsh truths.
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Best Actor and Best Screenplay
Robert Zemeckis’ Flight earned somewhat mixed reviews when it was released back in November, but one element that critics seemed to universally agree upon was the performance by Denzel Washington, as a pilot who miraculously saves over a hundred people’s lives with his maneuvers during a plane crash, despite being drunk and high at the time.
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