The Sessions
Best Supporting Actress
It was the second-biggest hit at last year’s Sundance Film Festival (behind Beasts of the Southern Wild) when it premiered under the title as The Surrogate, and stars Helen Hunt and John Hawkes were earning Oscar buzz from the moment it first screened. The true story of a poet stricken by polio as a child who wants to lose his virginity, The Sessions is simple but impeccably acted, and impressively frank about human sexuality-- including some very, very nude scenes for Helen Hunt. Her co-star Hawkes just barely missed out on a Best Actor nomination, but Hunt’s presence in Best Supporting Actress ought to be enough to bring attention to this heartfelt, tiny movie.
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Anna Karenina
Cinematography, Production Design, Original Score, Costume Design
Joe Wright’s take on Tolstoy’s classic novel has a lot of serious fans around here, but unfortunately, the Academy didn’t quite agree, giving it just four nominations in technical categories. Still, if you want to see the kind of sweeping period piece that the Academy ought to love, plus one of Keira KNightley’s best performance, do yourself the favor of sinking into this one. It also more than earned every single one of its nominations here, including Seamus McGarvey’s remarkably intricate cinematography and Dario Marianelli’s lush and energetic score. It could easily win in either of those categories-- which would be a small but significant victory for the Anna Karenina faithful.
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Moonrise Kingdom
Best Original Screenplay
With just one nomination Moonrise might not seem like a major contender, but many thought that Wes Anderson’s latest had a shot at a Best Picture nomination, and it was so critically beloved across the board that it’s been a major part of critic awards for the last month. A fable about two young kids who fall in love and run away together to get married, Moonrise combines Anderson’s affection for adolescent impulsiveness (think Rushmore) with the disappointment that adulthood can bring (think The Royal Tenenbaums). It’s a surprise indie hit that deserved more recognition here than it got.
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