22 Jump Street
The Challenge Of Comedy Sequels, And Why Phil Lord And Chris Miller Almost Didn’t Come Back
Let’s play a quick game: in the next 30 seconds, try and name as many great comedy sequels as you can. Ready? Go!...

Did you think of Back To The Future Part II and then start desperately clawing for more titles? The truth is that the pool of really great comedy sequels is practically (if not actually) non-existent. It’s hard to pinpoint an exact reason for why this is, but it was something that Phil Lord and Chris Miller were thinking about before signing on for 22 Jump Street.

"There have been funny sequels, but I don't know if there have been that many that feel like they're just as great a movie to watch - just as fun an experience but different," Lord told us during our interview. "So that's what we're trying to accomplish."

An important part of doing that, of course, was the ability to work from a script that they felt confident in. The directors told us that they were "not on board" the project for a long time because they didn’t see a way to properly follow up the story they had already told. Eventually, however, they discovered a very important angle that made them say yes…

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