22 Jump Street
Schmidt And Jenko’s Relationship Is The Key To It All
21 Jump Street was packed with individual fantastic performances, but what really created a great deal of the film’s humor was the chemistry between Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum. The two stars had fantastic timing together and the energy they brought to their character’s polar opposite personalities meshed perfectly on screen. What’s more, the film was just as much about their relationship as it was about their drug busting mission. This is something that comes back in a big way in 22 Jump Street, albeit in a very different way.

While 21 Jump Street was about a pair of guys really getting to know each other and create a real bond of friendship and brotherhood, 22 Jump Street will be taking that concept to the next level, and will instead start looking at Schmidt and Jenko more like a long married couple. It was this seed of an idea that that eventually transformed the script for the sequel and got it to a place where Lord and Miller could be confident about signing on.

"We did a bunch of iterations and we finally got to a place that made it about the sequel to their relationship and that got interesting; where it was like it's really more about ‘how do you make a marriage work?’" Lord said. "The first one's kind of like how can you express yourself to somebody… to another man. And this is more about like being deeply entrenched in a relationship… with another man."

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