The Bodyguard
Costner is again a hard-drinking has-been, but in this case he's also the single person trusted to protect the life of pop star Rachel Marron (Whitney Houston). And wouldn't you know it, he's so good at keeping her from a stalker that she surrenders to his manly charms. In a million years you couldn't dream up a couple like Costner and Houston, and yet this film makes the romance work. A lot of things work when Costner's got his hand on a gun.

Bull Durham
Possibly Costner's most iconic role, he stars as career minor leaguer Crash Davis, a catcher who earns reverence from his teammates for once getting a cup of coffee at the big leagues. Idiot pitcher Nuke Laloosh, who won't heed his advice, looks even more foolish today now that we've had a couple of decades of Costner wisdom. This should take you comfortably into suppertime, since Costner movies tend to run really long. Also, order a couple of courses, because you're going to need it for...

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