Nothing But Trouble
Now's when we get to the truly punishing stuff. This extremely unpleasant oddity from writer-director-star Dan Aykroyd finds the comedian as a repulsive old man who takes a group of hostages and forces them to experience a series of unpleasant ordeals as his dinner guests. The attempt is to create a darkly comic live-action cartoon, but the results are a film tethered not to any sort of reality, but more like really terrible free-form jazz. See it once, and have your mind blown.

White Chicks
The Wayans Brothers brand dropped precipitously since I'm Gonna Git You Sucka, and the results were this desperate, dreadfully unfunny makeup stunt stretched to feature length. When two detectives (Shawn and Marlon Wayans) stumble upon the case of their careers, they soon realize they have to get in touch with their feminine sides by donning elaborate costumes to become the scariest-looking white girls on the planet. If you ever wanted to see a female version of Skeletor, White Chicks is the movie for you.

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