A movie version of 24 has been rumored only slightly less than that always promised but never happening Arrested Development movie. Here’s the latest development in the potential big screen adventures of Jack Bauer: EW says it may finally happen. We’ve heard that before, damn it.

Their source says the studio is in talks with Billy State, the screenwriter of Russell Crowe’s State of Play, to come up with a big screen take on the franchise. He’s already pitched his idea to the studio. Except, and here’s where this starts to sound like something intentionally leaked by Fox to boost the show’s ratings, they’ll only do it if the show does well in the ratings over the next few weeks. The show’s ratings have dropped as much as 10% and there’s no reason to make a movie if 24 is on its way out, assuming you don’t buy my fake rumor to boost TV show ratings theory.

If the show does make the jump to theaters, EW makes it sound as though its run on television will be done. Their sources say the television show’s producers are waiting on a decision to decide whether or not the current season’s last two episodes will be written as a series finale.

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