Not to be outdone by Lost, 24 blew up big last night with the show’s series finale. But this probably won’t be the last time you see Kiefer Sutherland as Jack Bauer. There have been rumors that the show might transition into feature films and in an interview with EW, 24 exec producer Howard Gordon updates fans on the 24 movie’s status.

Gordon confirms that he’ll be one of the producers on the project and that they already have a script. This is probably the script written by Billy Ray, which Kiefer Sutherland referenced here. Yet somewhat strangely he says, “No one is in a position right now to know when or what the movie will be, exactly.” So they have a script, but they don’t know what the movie will be? It doesn’t sound like they’re in love with the current draft.

That could be because the current script was based on a pitch made before the end of the current 24 season and Gordon says, “The movie has to defer to the end of the TV show, not the other way around.” Despite rumors to the contrary he says the feature version won’t be a prequel, which means that whatever happened last night on 24 will have to figure in to whatever the movie becomes.

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