The robot apocalypse continues in Hollywood as yet another film set in the not-so-distant future gets greenlit for a combination movies-franchise-and-young-adult-novel series.

The project is 2084, a blending of George Orwell’s paranoid 1984 and the original Terminator movie that takes place in a world where the robots mankind created to protect and serve us now watch over our every move. The Hollywood Reporter says 24 showrunner Howard Gordon conceived the idea with writer-director James Wong (Final Destination, The X-Files), and the duo has partnered with Alloy Entertainment to bring the concept both to the screen and to the page.

You see, in addition to a film, 2084 is being developed into a three-book literary series that debut author Gregg Rosenblum has signed up to write. One must assume that if the movie does well, Gordon and Wong would have at least two books worth of new material to lean on for cinematic sequels. Though what the plot involves is anyone’s guess at this point, as nothing else beyind the setting it revealed in the THR story.

This would be, however, the latest in a growing line of sci-fi features crammed into Hollywood’s pipeline that involve humanity’s battle against malevolent machines. Nevermind Michael Bay’s billion-dollar Transformers franchise, which might inspire a completely new trilogy. There’s also J.J. Abrams’ “swashbuckling robot” film, Platinum Dunes’ Zombie vs. Robots feature, and Steven Spielberg’s planned adaptation of Robopocalypse (if it ever happens).

Robots, it seems, are the film industry’s new vampires. Where’s John Connor when you really need him?

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