I'm one of very few people that thoroughly enjoyed 28 Weeks Later. Of course it didn't live up to Danny Boyle's original horror masterpiece, but it was enjoyable in its own right and people seem to overlook its merits. It's shot beautifully, the plot--while maybe a stretch toward act three--wasn't any worse than the original, and the cast brings together Robert Carlyle, Rose Byrne, Jeremy Renner, and Imogen Poots, sporting some of the most stunning eyes this side of Emmy Rossum. And that's not mentioning the pure, unbridled brutality of the whole. Now that I have you all convinced you should give 28 Weeks Later another chance, here's some news.

Weeks director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo has signed on to direct Intruders, about an 11-year-old girl "forced to confront childhood demons," according to Deadline. What "demons" they mean, whether it be "alcoholism" type demons or "tear you limb from limb"' type demons isn't addressed, but with a horror director on board you can safely assume the latter. Also checked in is the rough and tumble Brit Clive Owen, who never fails to bring his A-game even to hilarious action schlock like Shoot 'Em Up. The actor has proven himself in all genres except for outright horror, so this will be a good chance for his to stretch his wings.

You may remember that Fresnadillo also is on board to direct the upcoming video game adaptation Bioshock, which may or may not just be laying dormant while the film's relevance fades. Should that film actually get made it has potential to be the film that reverses the stigma surrounding video game retellings, as it's one of the most intriguing stories to find its way into the digital realm in a long time.

Intruders starts lensing in June for Universal so keep your ears peeled this summer for Owen's gravelly British accent to peek its way back into the mainstream.

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