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It’s Time For Thor To Move On
It may have been sold as featuring Christopher Eccleston’s Malekith as the central villain, but Thor: The Dark World was really more about further developing Thor and Loki’s relationship. Shifting focus away from the Dark Elves and their mission with the Aether, one could easily argue that the movie is actually more about how the God of Thunder’s perception of and relationship with his brother had changed since the events of The Avengers. This certainly yielded interesting results, but at the same it also did its part to limit Thor’s growth as an individual character. Eventually the hero is going to need to move beyond his very special sibling rivalry if he wants to progress, and potentially the best way to pull that off would be to kill Loki in Thor 3.

Given that Thor: The Dark World ended with Loki sitting on the throne of Asgard with Thor none the wiser, Thor 3 is most certainly going to have a plot involving the God of Mischief (be it Ragnarok or another), but it could be in Marvel Studios’ best interest if they end the villain’s arc there. Thor comics are filled with all kinds of cinematic possibilities, from the story of Beta Rey Bill (one of the few individuals in existence other than Thor who can lift Mjolnir) to the hero’s battles against The Enchantress and The Executioner, and if Loki isn’t around as a distraction, the movies can give these characters the cinematic treatment they deserve.

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