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Yay, everyone lives in the modern day! And we might not ever see them again! In an interview with THR, Simon Kinberg claims, "We approached it as a final goodbye for the original actors." Of course, nothing is ever final, and he adds, "But to be totally candid, that's the way I approached X-Men: The Last Stand."

Fox has a July 18th, 2018 slot ready for a Marvel film which will most likely be an X-Men property. Could they return to an older group that includes James Marsden's Cyclops, Famke Janssen's Jean Grey and whomever else they can bring back?

Days Of Future Past wiped the X-Men series like a blank slate, but what did happen in those first three movies? Clearly the Phoenix Force did not seize Jean as it did in the third film, nor did it emerge when she sacrificed her life in the second film. It's also unclear as to whether Col. Stryker, the antagonist in the second film, is even a factor in the modern day. Is this even a world that hates and fears mutants at all? Is Magneto still a threat? Is Magneto alive?

Given that there are no immediate plans for this film, if it does happen you have to reason it would be without Ian McKellan and Patrick Stewart. Perhaps they take the path of the current comics, where Wolverine and Cyclops lead separate factions of the X-Men, one youthful and full of hope, one darker and more militant. It could be a great lead-in to the X-Force movie Jeff Wadlow is writing, which looks like it would veer heavily from comics continuity if it happens in the world established after Days Of Future Past.

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