It was more than two years ago that we first told you about the pending sequel to 30 Days of Night. They’ve taken their sweet time about getting it done but tonight Bloody Digusting was able to confirm that not only is it happening, they’re shooting it this October in Vancouver, BC.

The main human character, Stella Oleson will return, but she’s being recast. Melissa George won’t be back to play her. This time instead of one of the few survivors of an Alaskan town suddenly attacked by a ravenous horde of bloodthirsty vampires, she’s actually one in a group of vampire hunters. They’re out for revenge. The story was written by Steve Niles and Ben Ketai, who also wrote two 30 Days of Night webseries. Ketai is also directing.

No word yet on whether this is actually a theatrical release, or some sort of direct-to-DVD gimme. Usually though, when the original cast isn’t returning and they hire a guy who once wrote a webseries to direct it, that means direct-to-DVD. Besides, I’m not sure I want a 30 Days of Night spin-off about vampire hunting. The first one focused on ordinary people in extreme circumstances, not a bunch of Blade wannabees. That’s been done, and done to death. Maybe the sequel is better off on bottom shelf DVD.

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