With 300 set to open soon, the cast and crew are headed out to hit the junket circuit. Apparently producer Mark Canton didn’t do very well in history because according to a story picked up by FilmStalker at MoviesOnline, at one such junket Canton started touting a 300 sequel. Um… huh?

It seems Canton’s take is that “where there’s a will there’s a way” and he wants Zach Snyder on board. Yes Mark, I guess there is a way. Got a time machine handy? Maybe Snyder has one. You’ll have to go back and change a few things because last I checked the one of the main reasons we’re still talking, writing, and making movies about the battle of Thermopylae thousands of years after the fact is that the good guys gave their lives in it. All of them. How the hell do you make a sequel to a historical event that ends with everyone dead? Very dead. Not mostly dead. No cheats. This is a movie about something that has actually happened. You cant twist things and invent crazy reasons to continue it. Seriously, if this happens Hollywood really has gone completely sequel mad.

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