The U.S. isn’t brimming with wonders quite like the rest of the world. We have no great Pyramids, no Eiffel tower, no Pisa, but we do have a bunch of Cirque Du Soleil shows to awe and dazzle their audiences throughout the country, and it only makes sense that they would find a way to incorporate their stunning spectacle into a feature film.

According to Deadline, Andrew Adamson, director of the first two Narnia films, is filming narrative segments in New Zealand currently that will be cut together with performances by the amazing Cirque performers to complete the fantasy world he’s trying to create. However there’s no telling exactly what the film will be about or if it will feature performances ripped from the Cirque shows in Vegas rather than all new routines.

The film is being produced by James Cameron which means, you guessed it, it’s shooting in 3D. Financing is mainly coming from Cirque Du Soleil so it’s unclear what their intentions are for the film, but there are several distributors ready to pick the film up so we’ll known quite a bit more very soon. Adamson is about a third of the way through production and will soon be ready to start in on the Cirque performances that will complement the story.

Expect more on this one before too long.

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