3D Fit4
Before The Window3
Beyond The Window2
The Glasses Off Test2
Audience Health3
Total Score30 (out of a possible 35)

Final Verdict: Hansel and Gretel wasn’t hastily retrofitted to 3D by Paramount in an attempt to grab more cash. The story always carried the promise of 3D, but Wirkola seems to be a student of old horror 3D, where the camera stays stationary and objects fly at us. I think, by now, audiences have graduated past that point, so the 3D in H&G might be viewed as a bit of a disappointment. Couple that with the ugly, dark visuals, and this isn’t best 3D experience you are going to have at the movies. You’ll probably get just as much out of Wirkola’s movie if you buy the 2D movie ticket and watch Hansel and Gretel dispose of witches in standard, conventional two-dimensions.

Will you see Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters in 2D or 3D?

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