3D Fit5
Before The Window3
Beyond The Window5
The Glasses Off Test5
Audience Health5
Total Score32 (out of a possible 35)

Final Verdict: As someone who covers movies professionally, I've seen more than my fair share of 3D features over the past few years. Still, I can count the ones I would enthusiastically recommend on one hand. Now, Monsters Inc. 3D can be counted among them. Pixar was deeply thoughtful and meticulous in adding an enhanced depth of field to the feature. While I've seen this movie probably a half dozen times, watching in 3D really was like seeing it for the first time. I was lost in the fields of Sully's fur, marveled at the apparent texture of Randal's scales, was awed by the imposing immensity of the scare floor, and freshly exhilarated by its winding chase scenes. I cannot suggest strongly enough that you see this one in 3D.

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