The Godzilla Vs. Muto Fight In Hawaii Needed To Be Longer
One thing that I actually really appreciate about Godzilla is the way it treats its main character. Rather than rushing the story by trying to get the King of the Monsters on the screen as soon as possible, Gareth Edwards instead keeps the audience waiting in anticipation by taking care of the plot involving the Brody family and the introduction of Muto long before having Godzilla actually show up. As a result, it’s quite thrilling when we get to see the giant beast for the first time stomping into Honolulu International Airport for its first showdown with the movie’s other big creature.

Unfortunately, it’s severely undercut by the fact that the scene winds up going absolutely nowhere.

Looking at the scene from a filmmaker’s perspective, I understand the argument for cutting the Hawaii sequence short, as you don’t want to hurt the film with CGI overload or take away the impact from the final battle sequence in San Francisco, but I still can’t help feeling shortchanged for what is supposed to be an epic reveal. I don’t mind the cutaway to the Brody house where Ford and Elle’s son is watching the monster fight on TV, but the next cut has to be back to the battle, not to the next morning. The end-game of the scene has to be Muto flying away from Godzilla’s grasp no matter what (and we actually do see this play out on the television), but why not give the audience a nice full-screen preview of some monster vs. monster action setting up for the third act?

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