Vigo Ghostbusters
Ghostbusters II
Okay, so Max von Sydow doesn’t actually appear in Ghostbusters II and he went without a credit as well, but the reality is that he plays one of the most significant roles in the movie. While Wilhelm von Homburg provided the physicality of the character, the villainous Vigo The Carpathian was voiced by von Sydow. While it’s not entirely clear why von Homburg couldn’t just voice the character himself, what is fairly obvious is why director Ivan Reitman cast the Swedish Oscar nominee: when speaking in his commanding voice, von Sydow is quite intimidating. You know who else you could say that about? James Earl Jones, the voice of Darth Vader. Here at Cinema Blend, we are sincerely hoping that the star gets an actual a live action role in Star Wars: Episode VII, but we would also not have any reason to complain about a voice-over part. Perhaps that’s what Abrams is hinting at by not featuring von Sydow in the table read photo?

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