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For the longest time it was hard to take Nicolas Cage movies seriously. The man would pick a truly horrendous script, strap on a wig and be a walking parody for 2-hours. Believe it or not, The Wicker Man is not supposed to be a comedy. But since the end of last year, Cage has made two films, The Bad Lieutenant: Port Of Call New Orleans and Kick-Ass, that go against everything that the actor has turned himself into over the last decade. Hopefully The Sorcerer's Apprentice can keep that streak going.

We've received four new clips and a featurette from the new Jon Turteltaub film, and while some of its humor is a little on the kid side, it's hard to imagine that the film will be anything more than a good time. Cage and Jay Baruchel have what appears to be a nice dynamic going, even if it is a bit cliched, which could translate to an enjoyable flick. Only time will tell, but until the movie arrives in theaters, check out the videos below and judge for yourself.

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