The Idea Of Being Scared Conjures Very Different Memories For Both Of Them
Remember what I was saying about Kevin Hart and Ice Cube coming from two very different places? Never was that more evident than when the two Ride Along stars described extreme fight or flight moments in their real lives similar to the ones faced down by their characters in the movie.

"Hell yeah. I had tons of those. I’ve pushed several women in front of violent situations," Hart said jokingly, referring to a scene in the film where his character, Ben, shoves his girlfriend toward what he believes is a burglar (but is actually just her brother). "You think that’s the first time I’m thrown a woman in front for cover? No. My rule is save myself first." He then recounted a story of a situation in a movie theater that almost went wrong.

"There was one incident at a movie theater where my girl just got mad at these guys, because they were talking behind us," Hart said. "It was like three guys, and I never looked back there. She was like, ‘Would you all just shut up?’ I turned to them and I was like [makes a inhaled breath sound]. I just got up and moved like three rows in front of me and I looked back and she’s like, ‘What are you doing?’ and I was like ‘You’d better get up here.’ I don’t play the fighting game, so that was definitely something that was pulled from a real life experience."

Answering the same question, Cube recounted a moment from early in his rap career while working with Dr. Dre. Rather than having a comedic end like his co-star’s, however, the former rapper’s tale wound up taking a dark left turn.

"When we first started to do our thing, me and Dre, we actually went and picked up this girl that was singing for us," Cube said. "As I got up from the front seat to the back seat we saw some youngsters walking by. They was going to school though, so we didn’t pay it any attention. Then, when they got a few houses down, they start shooting at us. So, I’m yelling, ‘Drive, drive, drive," to Dre, looking like ‘What the fuck are you looking at?’ He’s looking in the rear view mirror to make sure they were shooting at us. ‘Drive, motherfucker, please!’"

The difference in tone between the two stories was not lost on the comedian. "As you can tell, two different realms of growing up with me and Cube," Hart said, encouraging a laugh from the press room. "There’s two different stories. I was at a movie theater. Cube, apparently was in the most violent situation ever. That story just took a turn for the worse out of nowhere. Yeah, they were school kids and then they start shooting…‘We made it out, though. It was cool.’"

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